In Neutral

This might be the first one I heard been classified as 'tech house', as far as I remember. Out in Substance.

Spencer Kincey takes the deep Chicago house blueprint one minimalistic step further, yet keeping away from the Detroit style house experiments of the time, setting an example to be followed by many, soundwise - a cleaner, safer version of the Relief/Cajual sound. As the sticker on the cover asks: 'Is it House or is it Techno?' Like it matters, anyway.

Although a bit flat for my tastes, I liked his loopy drum machines + synths approach and played the 'Shadowland' track a bit back then. I decided to post this one when I realized that more or less nothing can be found around the net from him (as Gemini, at least).

Gemini - 1997 In Neutral
Info here.

P.S. For the time being, the 'In And Out Of Fog And Lights' LP in Peacefrog can be found in the comments.


jasl said...

I have Gemini "in and out...", but my monthly traffic is almost expired. Will try to upload it by tuesday ( no rapidshare link probably)

Nightlight said...

No worries, do your thing and let me know. Thanx man

jasl said...

Here are the links ( 2 rar files with no password)

Hope they are OK, i didn't tested them yet. Thanks for the Max Breennan btw ( i had that CD and lost it somewhere)

Nightlight said...

Many thanx man. If u don't mind I'd like to 'officially' post them as well, is it OK? And btw is this a premium MF account?

jasl said...

You can post them of course.

No, it is not a premium account at the moment. I decided to drop all premium accounts(media, rapidshare and deposit), due to unforseen current money issues in recent months:).

Nightlight said...

I know what u mean. I'll possibly be in a similar state next month...

earwax said...

hey there,
is it possible to reupload "In And Out Of Fog And Lights" album?
would be great!
thanks in advance