Elektro Codes. Trilogy

Electrolux likes projects, 'Space Night' being the most famous and longest running. But this one is in my opinion the most interesting.

These CDs compile tracks from previous releases on Electrolux, from almost everybody in the label's roster; included are some early Anthony Rother classics (and a Karl Bartos remix on them). Robotic, ambient, funky, deep, minimal, in short all forms of late '90s electro are represented (except the dirty retro style of Clone and Gigolo), though once more a bit on the glossy tip. I'd say it was the success of those compilations that motivated the birth of specialized Mikrolux label, with some excellent results (*).
Vol.1 stays on the chill side of things. In Vol.2, CD1 samples some modern electro classics, while CD2 goes smooth again and at times a bit experimental, mostly downtempo stuff. The same norm was followed through Vol. 3.

Possibly not groundbreaking, yet essential compilations, especially for those who are interested in the electro scene before the electroclash and (later) the electro-house fads.

VA - Elektro Codes. One 1997
Info here.

VA - Elektro Codes. Two 1999
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

VA - Elektro Codes. Three 1999
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

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