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Though I did a number of mixtapes in my time, this was the first mix I recorded in digital. Two turntables and a CD through a mixer directly to a borrowed audio CD burner deck (they were big at the time...). As you'll hopefully find out, at the time I was head-deep into Germanic sounds, part Clicks'n'Cuts part Koelnish techno; that still characterizes more than anything my DJ tastes, now that I think of it. Equally obvious here is my obsession with Vladislav Delay.
It was meant to be a personal thing, one take, to see if some beatless tracks worked together, etc., but it got derailed by the fourth track or so. Still it came out nice, there were even some key blends I didn't notice until later. Since at that time almost no one played that stuff here, it got some excellent response from friends and people around me and was totally ignored (=rejected) from everyone else, especially pro DJs (Athens was just discovering techno of the Bailey/Carola variety and speed that passed for cocaine). It was about the same time I was disillusioned on the matter of making a living out of music in Greece, due to certain circumstances I won't tire you with; I could move to Germany of course, but the idea of a gastarbeiter/ artist always struck me as a bit odd and also there were family issues.
I lost the 'master' CD immediately after I spread it around and hadn't heard it since then, until yesterday when I found it rolled in a hastily written tracklist, so here it is, unfortunately one track and no markers. Contains some good mixes, some awkward blends and a few of my favorite tracks. And 'Tessio', which I played almost every night back then (I think I was the one to break it here). Academic, retro or nice, you'll be the judge.

Nightlight - 2001-10-19 Deep mix
170MB, 320kbps, 1h 14' 28''

01. Kid 606 - Sometimes
02. Vladislav Delay - Anima Part 1
03. Uusitalo - Notke
04. Fluxion - Oblique
05. Swayzak vs Theorem - 020100 (Swayzak mix)
06. Swayzak - Slave To The Hard Drive
07. Unai - Brave Star
08. Guns Of Venice - LA Requiem
09. SCSI-9 - Silkcome
10. D.Diggler - Lubricated
11. D.Diggler - Bongwater
12. Gabriel Ananda - Wild Cherry
13. Luomo - Tessio

(beats start on 'Oblique')

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