New Forms

A limited edition compilation from Raster-Noton, a special package showcasing an 1999 exhibition in an art gallery in Leipzig. The usual R-N suspects are all here, the whole label roster plus guests like Scanner, Richie Hawtin and Mego's General Magic.
Rather typical as R-N releases go, contains random ('stochastic') noise bursts, repetitive glitches, one modulated frequency track, loops, the whole package.
If art (*) is your thing then you should definitely check this. It must be good, cause it sells at about 50 euro in the discogs market. If not, there are some rather interesting moments if you're into experimental, minimal, etc. worth a couple of listens, along with some beautiful yet more 'conventional' attempts (by the guests above, mostly), a standard Brinkmann track and a haunted piano loop by Basinski.

(* in the academic sense of the word, or else as used by English critics, meaning at about 95% of the cases 'gallery products')

VA - 2000 New Forms 2CD
Contemporary Electronic Music In The Context of Art
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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