Timeless Decceleration

TV Victor is another one of those oldschoolish guys that almost nobody knows, yet those who do they love his work. Obviously friends with the Sun Electric guys and the Tresor posse and affiliates, he released some wonderful albums during the nineties of hypnotic ambient, then called (without shame) trance. Later Tresor records re-released some of them and some people (like me, for example) finally got to hear his name, still though it was a weird ambient release in a techno label and it got overlooked. Surely the name of friend Moritz von Oswald (aka member of Maurizio, 3MB, etc and officially declared demi-god of Berlin techno and dub music) drew some attention, as he participated as co-producer in CD2 (first release 1994 as "Invitation 1 (All You)", then 1996 as "Schwarzenraben Eins") and mastered CD1, written for this Tresor release.

Two CDs, three tracks. CD1 is one heavy hypnotic track, 'Agai', which borrows from the Berlin music tradition (of which I believe mr.Heitfeld had some personal experience) in the vein of Manuel Göttsching. 'All' and 'You' is a more relaxed affair, more easy listening but without becoming boring lounge shit.

HisSpace here. More of him later on.

TV Victor - 2000, [Tresor.151]

CD1 (Timeless Decceleration)
Part 1 - Part 2

CD2 (Schwarzenraben Eins)
Part 1 - Part 2

Info here.

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