Initial Public Offering

Broker/Dealer are a San Fransisco based duo with sporadic releases mainly in Traum and SF's Sentrall. This is their first and yet only album, in legendary Asphodel, and a weird release as far as this label goes. Deep fat sounds and lots of synths and melodies shape B/D's techhouse style, relying more on hardware and music than the rest of the minimal SF guys (the Dirtybird crew, for example). Only the first track 'Take your Time' stands out a little, the rest of the album works as a whole perfectly, from deep techno cuts to simple electronica. Exceptionally effective for those times when you'd like to hear something sweet but not totally laid back (say 6am after the club).

Ryan Bishop as The Beat Broker lately focuses on discoid releases and re-edits, with wonderful results.

Sadly, track 8 didn't want to get ripped. I also posted the 'Feel Free' video by Delray which came on the CD as a data track.

Broker/Dealer - 2003 Initial Public Offering
Part 1 - Part 2
Data track .

Info here.

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