Zero Point


All things have a beginning.

All things change.

All things have an end.

This is a page about people, about music, about books, about everything actually. Hope you like it. Feedback always helps, share your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

really need to thank you alot for your wonderful blog and your postings - partielly i got the impression to follow a sort of lecture on the development of electronic music. lots of old buddies i'm still loving, some i had to remember for new - and btw it was overwhelming for me to see exactly these releases posted i missed - collecting this kind of music for many years, your filled the gaps of my collection! guess i owe you something! - however i nearly was happy about having another point of view in one respect: tobias thomas! this guy tortured me for years as the weakest of three residencies (studio 672). this guy has never got the idea of musical structure and development. he as well wrote reviews to releases and they most time were done in this special mixture of poor thoughts and spex-arrogance. anyway. you'll make my days coming!