A walk at the Museum

Incredible instruments 'through the mists of Time...' A lot to learn and get excited about. I wish I had gone to a museum like this when I was a kid. Oh, and the site is old but still working. Take a look at this before it's too late.

Electronic Musical Instruments 1870 - 1990

It made me think about the Inventors. These people invested really big parts of their lives to accomplice something that helped music to get here, today. People say 'The more you strive for something the better the result will be' and this is not just an oversimplification. I'd try to rephrase it for the post-capital-world artists like this: 'Spend enough time and creativity in a project to make it unique in some way and the rewards will be much more than just money'. Brian Eno or Robert Henke (two names that easily spring into mind) are very good examples of this philosophy and I believe they rightfully deserve the respect they are enjoying. Of course, software is more of an option to develop these days.

Any sites you have to direct me to with similar subject will be appreciated. Machine Music is more than a catchy phrase.

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