Lido Hotel

And since we are more or less on the ForceTrack (...cheesy wordplay but I had to get it out...), an early collection of tracks by Ware owner Mathias Schaffhäuser, the first album both for him and the FT label.

Sentimental mini-techno, Cologne style, occasionally with vocals, plus a few downtempo tracks - including the majestic '6 Uhr Morgens', first published on Blaou (*). More varied than Schaffhäuser's minimal and club-focused later releases, it brings in mind early Kompakt records of the time.

Mathias Schaffhäuser - 1999 Lido Hotel

Info here.

P.S. I've always wondered about the 'original' Lido Hotel and how its name became so famous, as I've seen one in every country I've ever been. By googling it I realized there are so much more around the globe, especially in countries with latin-based languages. My first guess was from some old movie or something, then I came across this article.

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