Branches and Routes

Some more from the FatCat label, .

Following the already posted 'Across Uneven Terrain' were 'No Watches, No Maps', a demos compilation (which regrettably I don't own) and this 2CD showcase out in 2003, And yes, they do have a landscape/mapping fixation concerning titles, but as a metaphor it's on the spot when it comes to describing the compilations' character. The label sound was slowly turning towards more electronic pathways as well as getting more noisy/glitchy, still mood and tendencies are more or less the same: experimentation, acoustic sources through digital proccessing, organic development in songs' structures, the melting of all influences into an undefined amalgam where the unexpected is... well, eminent.

Even though some of the FatCat stuff was too far away from me to get it, there were certain artists and releases that I value among the best of my techno collection (Various Artists, Ultra-Red, Grain) while others have provided me with a lot of listening material. Many people went for the more abstract or the DSP stuff, while others got to know FatCat through Sigur Rós and múm. What I really mean is that this is not your average electronica label. It's something in there for everyone. Respect.

VA - 2003 Branches and Routes
a FatCat records compilation

CD1: Part 1 - Part 2
CD2: Part 1 - Part 2

Info here and here.