Resistance (313)

Read this, if you haven't already. Mike Banks in all his glory.

It made me wonder. I knew that a lot of DJs from Detroit made some money in Europe during the '90s. I hope they still do. If it wasn't for Jeff Mills or Kevin Saunderson, I wouldn't DJ. Probably I wouldn't even listen to techno. But I understand that when they left Detroit, they left an empty space behind them. And from reading about Detroit, from watching films, from photos, the prevalent feeling I get is that of alienation. Social, physical, mental.

It kinda seemed weird to read that this guy, whose records I'd buy without a thought and who everybody I know respects, complains about the (non-existent) influence of European labels on US radio and how the US artists were left down and behind. Actually, I'm not sure I agree with his points and I'm trying to understand why. I'll pass for now, but I'll get back to this some time later.

Also check this video link from the comments.

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